Xongdur Gaba Congee 30g

Xongdur Gaba Congee 30g

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Xongdur Gaba Congee 30g

Made from 100% ORGANIC Brown Rice

Organic Gaba Congee with Mushroom

Organic Instant Spouted Brown Rice Congree with Mushroom

• GABA from sprouted rice • No MSG / No Preservative

Healthfully Delicious Organic Cereal ...

Xongdur Selected "Whole grain brown rice" from organic farmer community. Whole grain still has germ and bran which is rich of vitamin and various natural elements. Mushroom and carrot are in congee for fulfill benefit, adjust flavor by soy sauce powder sachet inside the package.

Let's take care the world ..Let's support organic.

... Easy to prepare

1. Empty 1 pouch of Xongdur congee into the bowl. Add 400 ml. boiling water, soy sauce adjust as you wanted.

2. cover the bowl 1 minute. For full nourishment add meat, egg, vegetable as you like.

*For full nourishment add meat, egg, vegetable as you like.


Oraganic Sprouted Rice (Sprouted Brown Rice, Sprouted Red Rice, Sprouted Black Rice) 92 %, Soy sauce powder 3 %, Spices 3%, Mushroom 1 %, Carrot 1%