Our Story

Welcome to The Thai Day ~ Sawadee Khrap

Amazing Thailand... is the countrie's motto the Thai's live everyday, The Thai Day.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, there is always a special energy, joy and fascinatingly different, yet amazing moments whether it be food or smiles or acts of genuine kindness in the Thai people.

Thailand, the Land of Smiles... is the other half of the Thai motto. "Fish in the river, rice in the fields" is a mindset as Thai way of life. That translates to no worries and the amazing thing about Thai people is they actually don't worry as we in the west. I have learned so much about living in the moment in the last 32 plus years here.

Perhaps the world's most diverse and delicious fresh food markets whether it be fruits pick just hours ago, vegetables the same, a variety of herbs spices, fresh fish and meats that have never seen a freezer. I've seen no other markets in my travels of over 100 countries that can compare or even come close. The creativeness in these markets continues and are ever expanding with new their amazing dexterity and skills of art of preparing these foods by now adding western fusion, yet keeping all of the rich cultural Thai foods of today and the past the focus.

I first came to Thailand in 1985 to explore the gemstone market. I moved here full-time in 1987.

Just two years ago when our family was driving to the beach in Rayong We stopped at the highway roadside fuel and rest station. As we were walking through this marketplace I said to my daughter Brianna as we're walking though, I'm getting excited and more excited as I are the appreciation of beautifully aromatic and delicious foods with such a variety that has always been here, exclaiming “Look, Brianna come here. Look at this! Look at that and she looks up and goes “Dad you act like this is your first time in Thailand.”

I loved it because one of the most important things in life is to never let the connection with what really matters in life, never letting life become Ho-Hum been there done that scenario greet life everyday as a new day!

Well I can tell you that has never happen to me in Thailand and this just occurred to me. How Rich has my life been inspired by the Thai culture that I created this website to share a small part The Thai Day with you

People ask me what I think about Thailand. I have designed my life so that I do business where and when I choose and not to miss out on what life has to offer living a rich and amazingly joyful and happy life everyday. Not waiting on a holiday, not on the weekend... but everyday, rich with value and happiness and that is why I choose Thailand

A rich imperfect adventure just as life is. No pretense.

What I really think is... on the stairway to Heaven or... Sawan as it is called in Thai, Thailand is the last rung of that Ladder before one steps into Heaven.

I am forever grateful for the Amazing Thai people and their rich culture. I hope you enjoy the day to day products, foods, herbs and interesting things we have here.

Sawadee Khrap,