Kwong Meng Brand Black Sesame Biseuit 126g

Kwong Meng Brand Black Sesame Biseuit 126g

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Kwong Meng Brand Black Sesame Biseuit 126g

Locally it's called “Toob Tub". It is a traditional Chinese snack whose recipes had been passed down from generations. Originally it's called "Tao Hong" in Teochew dialect (means "Hammered Peanut"). "Toob Tub” is rarely available these days because production requires specialized cooking techniques and skills. Starting from boiling sugar syrup till particular texture before stirring in roasted peanuts and black sesame seeds. Allow the mixture to cool down before hammering process which traditionally required two people to smash the mixture with sledged hammers alternatively and rhythmically in order to blend peanuts, black sesame seeds and sugar well. This hammering process produces "Toob Tub" "Toob Tub" sound from which the snack gets its name. "Toob Tub” is also a vegan snack which has good and distinctive taste you will never forget.

Ingredients :

Peanut 35%

Glucose syrup 30%

Sugar 19.6%

Black sesame seed 15%

Salt 0.4%

Allergy Information

Contains peanut and black sesame seed