Kisaa Cactus + Snail Hydrating Gel 40g

Kisaa Cactus + Snail Hydrating Gel 40g

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KiSAA Cactus & Snail Smoothing Gel 40g

Free of 7 irritant substance

- Mineral oil free

- Oil free

- Alcohol free

- Silicone free

- Paraben free

- Petroleum free

- Palate free

Features :

1. Nourish the skin before makeup.

2. Moisturize Strengthen Skin Anti-oxidants.

3. Skin care after laser treatment.

4. Reduce scars caused by acne.

5. Reduce heat and soothe the skin after being exposed to sunlight.

6. For Men used to nourish after shaving.

7. Nourish the underarm skin for smoothness.

8. Nourish and moisturize refreshing hands and nails.

9. Nourish the skin around the eyes gently.