Chao Thai Brand Coconut Cream Powder 60g

Chao Thai Brand Coconut Cream Powder 60g

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Chao Thai Brand Coconut Cream Powder 60g

How to use...

Dissolve the coconut cream powder 1 pack (60 gram) in warm water 1 cup (150 ml) then mix them together. You will get the coconut cream 200 ml. It is equal to to the UHT coconut cream 1 box (200ml).

The easiest way to make a Thai spicy curry is to add coconut cream powder in a curry soup then blends it together with warm water.

Chao Thai coconut cream powder is made from real coconut cream. The powder makes it an easy way to use and keep the coconut cream powder. It can used to cook with food as well as to replace fresh coconut cream in making desserts.

Ingredients :

Fresh Coconut Cream 85.20%

Glucose Syrup 11.92%

Sodium Caseinate 2.00%

Anticaking Agent (INS 551) 0.50%

Acidity Regular (INS 340(ii)) 0.38%

Food Allergy Information : The Product Contains Sodium Caseinate (Milk Protein)

No Preservative Added